Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Memorial Day

yes, i know Memorial Day was yesterday.
anyway, there was a whole bunch of people making a racket in downtown Kitty City.
sounded like a marching band, a whole bunch of speeches, and more music.
well, the music wasn't that bad.
yes, i could hear it. you know that cats have good hearing, right?

oh, and my owner went to this wildcat assembly.
didn't have a house cat in it unfrotunately.
ah well.
there was a mountain lion, caracal, serval, and Canadian lynx.
personally, i like all of them.
did you know cougars, pumas, and mountain lions are all the same animal.
yes, absurd. why humans come up with these name, i don't know.

-Raven the Cat

Saturday, May 23, 2009


recently i have been involved with a couple of fights. for instance, i had a terrific cat fight with another cat for a preferred sleeping spot. of course i came out unscathed.
but today there was a racket of a dog fight. i'm not sure what has happened... i'm off to check it out!

-Raven the Cat

Saturday, May 2, 2009

May 2nd, also known as Saturday

for those of you who check regularly, you know that today is the day after yesterday, a VERY special day.
sorry i haven't posted in a while. to busy taking naps and eating, you know.
guess what yesterday was.
guess already.
*ahem* must be very mature now....
my maturity, according to the complete cat handbook, is equivalent to a 16 year old human. strange, time passes too quickly.

-Raven the Cat
alright, forget the quotes.

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