Sunday, August 29, 2010

No way!

It's true! The rumors are true! School does start tomorrow!
*sigh* I just got a bath today. I told my owners that I didn't want one, but did they listen? No...
and after that, I got attacked by the De-fur-a-tron prototype 20. Brrr... Those combs scare me. Give me a good rough tongue anyday.
Ah... I just stayed in the whole day today. Nice and cool... and the couches are soft... lemme see if I can sneak into someone's blankets; those are the best.

-Raven the Cat

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

AI YO!!!

uh oh... summer's getting so hot that I've been meaning to post but it's never happened...
evading the swimming pool... I had a close call tonight.
I swear, the heat is killing my food! Can food tastes absolutely revolting cold. Wonder if Kura's been chucked in the swimming pool... that would suck.
But I like it toasty... W00T W00T Summer!
Noooooo... apparently summer is over next week, and school starts. Not fair, I haven't had my summer share of petting yet!

-Raven the Cat

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