Thursday, June 12, 2008


today my owner went out gardening. school's over! anyway, kura is in Hawaii so now i don't have anyone to play with. rolling around on the towel and tearing around the house is also becoming attractive to me. summer days are so hot!
my owners are leaving for a car trip up to Shasta, Lassen, Florence, Redding, Oregon, and Crater Lake. they are going to leave me behind. :( boo hoo. i hope kura's having the time of her life in Hawaii. all those yummy fish swimming around...........

-Raven the Cat

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Kura the Shiba Inu said...

i know, fish are so yummy!!! i love tearing around the house too, and if i need to roll on towels, i take a visit our towel closet, and take a nap.

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