Wednesday, August 20, 2008

First Post In Absolute AGES!!!

i haven't been posting lately because:
1. my owner has NOT been turning on the computer.
2. i've been living outside!
actually, now i live in the garage (that's where all my stuff is) but mostly i play outside. every once in a while i get to come back inside and i try to blog if the computer is on.
my owner is going to start middle school soon. maybe when my owner is at school i can follow her and find out the way to your house kura? then we can play!

-Raven the Cat
P.S. kura, i discovered that animal was something called a horse, and that there are cats that live with and like the horses!

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Kura the Shiba Inu said...

Oh no your living in the garage? do you like it better there? i wonder if our owners will ignore us more now theyre going to a new school! ive never met a horse but i heard they are really big. i bet i can run faster than one when im off-leash. see ya soon

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